Ishan Kishan Net Worth In Rupees 2023

Ishan Kishan Net Worth

Ishan Kishan Net Worth In Rupees 2023


Ishan Kishan, a name that has become synonymous with explosive batting and incredible talent in the world of cricket, has taken the cricketing world by storm. Born on July 18, 1998, in Patna, Bihar, Kishan’s journey from a small-town boy to an international cricket sensation is nothing short of inspiring. Beyond his exceptional cricketing skills, fans and followers are often curious about his financial success. In this article, we will explore Ishan Kishan’s net worth and the factors that have contributed to his financial prosperity.

Ishan Kishan Net Worth 2023

As per the reports, Ishan Kishan Net Worth is estimated approximately Rs.60 Crores ( $8 Million ). IPL and domestic Salary, BCCI salary and Brands endorsements are his sources of income. He has become a millionaire at a very young age because of his cricketing talent. Also, the brand value of Ishan Kishan is very high.

Estimated Net Worth$7.8 Million
Net Worth in RupeesRs. 65 Crores
Annual IncomeRs.15.25 Crores
Sources Of IncomeIPL, BCCI Salary, Brand Endorsements

Ishan Kishan Net Worth from IPL 2023 Price

Ishan Kishan in the 2023 IPL season, much like the previous year, continues to don the Mumbai Indians jersey. What’s remarkable is that his price remains consistent with the previous season, as the franchise retained him for an impressive sum of Rs. 15.25 Crores. Let’s delve into why Ishan Kishan’s retention at this price speaks volumes about his prowess and importance in the Mumbai Indians squad.

Ishan Kishan Net Worth from  Salary 2023

Ishan Kishan Net Worth from Salary BCCI

Ishan Kishan has been added to central contract of BCCI with Grade C (INR 1 crore). However, BCCI Salary is different for ODI, Tests, and T20is. For playing t20s he gets Rs.6 Lakh and for odis he gets Rs.3 Lakh as match fees from BCCI.

Ishan Kishan Net Worth from IPL Salary 2023

Ishan Kishan grabbed the attention of IPL Franchise owners in 2016. After giving good performances in domestic season, Ishan Kishan was picked by Gujarat Lions in 2016 in IPL. He was retained in 2017 by the same franchise for a decent amount of Rs.35 lakhs. Then from 2018- Present, Ishan Kishan is a part of Mumbai Indians Franchise. Ishan Kishan’s IPL Salary over the last few years is mentioned below.

2016Gujarat LionsRs. 35 Lakh
2017Gujarat LionsRs. 35 Lakh
2018Mumbai IndiansRs. 6.2 Crores
2019Mumbai IndiansRs. 6.2 Crores
2020Mumbai IndiansRs. 6.2 Crores
2021Mumbai IndiansRs. 6.2 Crores
2022Mumbai IndiansRs. 15.25 Crores
2023Mumbai IndiansRs. 15.25 Crores
TotalRs. 56 Crores

Ishan Kishan Cricketing Career

Ishan Kishan’s journey in cricket began at a young age when he started playing for local teams in Bihar. His exceptional talent was soon recognized, and he made his debut in domestic cricket for Jharkhand in the 2016-17 season. Kishan quickly made a name for himself with his explosive batting style and wicket-keeping abilities.

His breakthrough moment came when he was signed by the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2018. Since then, he has been an integral part of the team, showcasing his prowess with the bat and consistently delivering match-winning performances. His performances in the IPL paved the way for his inclusion in the Indian national team, and he made his international debut in T20 cricket in 2020.

Ishan Kishan’s IPL contracts and central contracts with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have significantly contributed to his net worth. With each passing season, his market value in the cricketing world has only risen, reflecting his growing stature in the sport.

Ishan Kishan Endorsement Deals

In addition to his cricketing earnings, Ishan Kishan has also benefited from lucrative endorsement deals. As his popularity continues to soar, several prominent brands have signed him as their brand ambassador. These endorsements have added substantially to his net worth, making him one of the rising stars in the world of sports endorsements.

Ishan Kishan Investments and Business Ventures

Apart from cricket and endorsements, smart financial decisions and investments have played a vital role in enhancing Ishan Kishan’s net worth. Many cricketers are known to invest in various businesses and ventures, and Kishan is no exception. While the specifics of his investments are private, it is not uncommon for athletes to diversify their income streams by investing in real estate, startups, or other profitable ventures.

Ishan Kishan Personal Assets

As Ishan Kishan’s net worth has grown, he has also invested in personal assets like luxury cars and real estate. These assets, while not directly contributing to his income, reflect his financial stability and his ability to enjoy the fruits of his hard work.

Ishan Kishan Personal Information

NameIshan Kishan
DOB18th July, 1998
Age ( As in 2023 )25 Years
Father’s NamePranav Kumar Pandey
Mother’s NameSuchitra Pandey
RoleWicketkeeper Batsman
Favorite CricketerMS Dhoni
Domestic teamsJharkhand
IPL TeamsMumbai Indians, Gujarat Lions


Ishan Kishan Age

Ishan Kishan, the emerging cricket sensation, was born on July 18, 1998, in the city of Patna, Bihar, India. As of 2023, he has reached the age of 25, and his remarkable journey in the world of cricket has already captivated fans and cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Notably, Kishan’s journey began long before his international debut, as he made significant strides as a young cricketer, including his captaincy in the U-19 Cricket World Cup in 2016.

Ishan Kishan Net Worth
Ishan Kishan Net Worth

Ishan Kishan Height in feet

Ishan Kishan, the talented cricketer hailing from India, is not only known for his exceptional cricketing skills but also for his distinctive style and good looks. Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, Kishan has become a fashion icon among his fans. His impeccable dressing sense and stylish persona have earned him a dedicated following on his Instagram profile, where he shares glimpses of his dapper lifestyle.

Ishan Kishan Brand Endorsements

In the realm of modern cricket, talent and performance on the field are not the only factors that contribute to a player’s success and popularity. Brand endorsements have become an integral part of a cricketer’s career, and Ishan Kishan, the rising star from India, is no exception. As he continues to make a mark in the cricketing world, numerous brands have recognized his potential as a brand ambassador. In this article, we delve into Ishan Kishan’s brand endorsements and explore the partnerships that have added to his growing fame and financial success.

  • Boat
  • Oakley
  • Myntra
  • Manyavar
  • Gillette
  • Noise

Ishan Kishan Jersey Number

Ishan Kishan’s Jersey Number is 32. In the world of sports, jersey numbers often carry significant meaning for athletes. They become a part of a player’s identity, and each number may hold a unique story. For Ishan Kishan, the promising Indian cricketer, the jersey number 32 has become emblematic of his journey in the cricketing world. In this article, we explore the intriguing tale behind Ishan Kishan’s choice of jersey number 32 and the personal significance it holds for him.

Ishan Kishan Centuries

For now, Ishan Kishan has only one century in International Cricket which came as a double hundred against Bangladesh in ODI series.

Ishan Kishan Net Worth
Ishan Kishan double century vs Bangladesh

Ishan Kishan Car Collection

Ishan Kishan has assembled a remarkable collection of premium luxury cars. In this article, we take a closer look at the enviable automobiles that grace his garage, including the Mercedes Benz C-Class, the Ford Mustang, and the BMW 5 series.

Ishan Kishan Car
Ishan Kishan Car Collection
  • Mercedes Benz C-Class (Cost: Rs. 1.05 Crore)
  • Ford Mustang (Cost: Rs. 1 crore)
  • BMW 5 Series (Cost: Rs. 72 Lakhs)

Ishan Kishan Biography

Ishan Kishan was born on 18 July 1998 in Patna, Bihar, Ishan Kishan’s father’s name is Pranav Pandey, who is a builder by profession.. Ishan Kishan’s elder brother was very supportive in his cricketing career. He always advised and motivated Ishan Kishan to play cricket and because of his support today he has got the opportunity to represent his country and make his parents and family proud.

He is a left handed aggressive wicketkeeper batsman. Ishan Kishan’s childhood coach says that “Ishan Kishan’s talent is like that of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Adam Gilchrist of Australia.

Ishan Kishan Family

Ishan Kishan’s father name is Mr. Pranav Kumar Pandey Kishan and mother’s name is Mrs. Suchitra Kishan. His father is a builder by profession and mother a housewife. Ishan also has an elder brother Raj Kishan, the one who supported Ishan in career the most.

Ishan Kishan GF

Ishan Kishan gf name is Aditi Hundia. She is a model by profession, whose name has been linked with cricketer Ishan Kishan. Apart from being fashion model Aditi Hundia have also been a finalist for Miss India in 2017. Aditi further triumphed in 2018 as Miss Supranational India.


What is Ishan Kishan highest score in ODI ?

Ishan Kishan Highest score is 210.

What is Ishan Kishan village name ?

Ishan Kishan hails from a small city Nawada in Bihar

What is Ishan Kishan BCCI Salary ?

Ishan Kishan has been added to central contract of BCCI with Grade C (INR 1 crore)

What are different cars in Ishan Kishan’s car collection ?

Ishan Kishan has assembled a remarkable collection of premium luxury cars

  • Mercedes Benz C-Class (Cost: Rs. 1.05 Crore)
  • Ford Mustang (Cost: Rs. 1 crore)
  • BMW 5 Series (Cost: Rs. 72 Lakhs)

What is the age of Ishan Kishan?

25 years

What is the Ishan Kishan Net Worth in Rupees

Ishan Kishan Net Worth is estimated around 65 Crores ( $7.8 Million ).

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